Support & Partner

Help support and partner with missional filmmaking projects carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth and returning with films for the edification of the Church.

God has called me to become a missional filmmaker living and serving in the Middle East. I will be working with Frontier Alliance International, supporting media teams and film projects ranging from feature-length documentaries and short web series, along with breaking news dispatches from the front lines of conflict zones. I will be documenting what happens on the warfront to bring media back for those on the homefront.

I am working directly with missionaries serving in various capacities helping both Jewish and Muslim people. FAI Relief provides medical relief aid and discipleship programs to engage unreached people groups living in the Middle East, in order to follow the Great Commission and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. I have chosen to serve because I believe that Jesus is King and He is worthy of my service!

I am serving as a volunteer and If you’d like to support my living expenses while I reside abroad, you can click the button below to donate securely through the FAI donation system. You can receive tax-deductible receipts at the end of the year for any support you provide. 

If you’d prefer to make a physical check donation, please mail checks to:

Frontier Alliance International
PO Box 4758, Jackson, WY 83001
Memo Line: Account 111
(Please do not include individual names on the check) 

Even more than financially, support by prayers is greatly appreciated. God will provide for all my needs, that I’m sure of. But any extra prayers you can give towards our ministry and films are more valuable than gold.

I look forward with great anticipation to use my talents and gifts for God’s glory, and to help make His name known throughout the earth.

God bless you all, and MARANATHA!

Content I help create will be released through FAI Studios on YouTube and in the FAI App for free. Here are some examples of FAI’s past work and projects I will be helping with moving forward!