About Ryan Tidrick

Who am I? What do I do?

I specialize in digital media production and technology consulting, intuitively crafting and providing simplified managed technology solutions and optimized workflow automation strategies for everyday artists and freelancers, schools and educators, small-to-medium businesses, and international non-profit organizations.

My background includes over 15 years of experience operating digital cinema cameras and digital photography equipment independently as well as part of a professional crew. Extensive work experience as a camera operator and assistant, gaffer, and grip for several major TV networks, and experience as a professional freelance photographer. Travel media experience creating content for non-profit organizations in Africa and the Middle East.

I am veritably capable of managing a crew while producing short films, music videos, or commercials. Advanced composition skills with both video and still images. Wide variety of computer skills across PC and Mac, including: advanced video editing and color correction, photographic enhancement and manipulation, multimedia and graphic design, website design and coding.

Overall, I help my clients grow through optimization strategies and process improvement techniques that reach from online presence and visibility to gaining customer loyalty through relationship management strategies, to internally saving company time, reducing effort, and cutting back costs while employing effective project and task management strategies through administrative consultations.

Currently expanding my horizons as an intuitive internet marketing specialist, I combine my knowledge of search engine optimization with a deep understanding of web analytics to naturally generate online traffic and improve website rankings by considering a client’s purpose and brand identity to ultimately curate unique original content (both written and visual) that can also be used in social media outlets and solidify their overall online presence.